JSC Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation

Elegest coal deposit

The Elegest coal deposit is the largest undeveloped coal deposit in Russia. The creation of a mining and processing plant there will satisfy the Russian metallurgical industry’s long-term demand for coking coal, and the quality of the coal will ensure that the concentrate will be in demand in Asia-Pacific markets.

Main characteristics:

Total area of 84 km2

Volume of balance reserves of 855 million t

Coal concentrate output of 15 million t per year

Elegest–Kyzyl–Kuragino Railroad

At a length of 410 km, the Elegest–Kyzyl–Kuragino railway is the largest railway in the history of modern Russia: 120 km will run through the Tyva Republic and the remaining 290 km will go through Krasnoyarsk Krai. This railway line will be the first step in fully developing the Elegest deposit, with its unique coking coal reserves, and it will connect Tuva with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Main characteristics:

Length: 410 km

Number of bridges: 127

Number of tunnels: 8

Total volume of freight traffic: 15 million t/year

Coal Port Terminal in Khabarovsk Krai

The coal port terminal in Khabarovsk Krai is a key component of the logistics of the Far East project. It will ensure the export of coal to Asia-Pacific countries.

Main characteristics:

Area of the terminal: 100 ha

Terminal capacity: over 15 million t of coal/year